OsteoVantage Co-founder Eric C. Leuthardt, MD, Selected by The Aspen Institute to the Inaugural Class of the Health Innovators Fellowship

Dr. Leuthardt one of twenty chosen from US to participate with other proven innovators in the health care field.

Eric E. Leuthardt, MD
Eric C. Leuthardt, MD

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.– August 6, 2015 – Eric C. Leuthardt, MD, co-founder of OsteoVantage™ and member of the Technical Advisory Board, has been named a Health Innovators Fellow by The Aspen Institute. The Institute states that the purpose of the fellowship is to strengthen the leadership of innovators across the US healthcare ecosystem, and to connect, inspire and challenge the fellows to develop creative new approaches to improve the health and well-being of all Americans. Health Innovator Fellows will join more than 2,100 other entrepreneurial fellows from 49 countries to become members of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

Fellows commit to meet together four weeks over two years, and to carry out a leadership project. Fellows are expected to identify and commit to an idea within the first six months that will build on and add to their current efforts and accomplishments. The projects must be new, creative, and ambitious, and should both stretch fellows in their leadership and make a significant positive impact on their respective fields. Project implementation should begin within the two-year Fellowship period.

Osteovantage’s Chairman & CEO, Bob Storey commented, “Dr. Leuthardt’s creativity and innovative spirit are apparent from the moment you meet him. His insights and energy have been essential to the progress of Osteovantage towards commercialization and we are extremely fortunate to benefit from his participation in the Company. Less known is that Eric is also an author and actor – making him an extremely interesting guy to work with!”

Dr. Leuthardt is a fellowship-trained neurosurgeon who currently specializes in managing complex traumatic spinal injuries. In addition to his work with OsteoVantage on the Technical Advisory Board, Dr. Leuthardt is Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery and Biomedical Engineering, Washington University School of Medicine, and Director, Center for Innovation in Neuroscience and Technology, Washington University School of Medicine. The Academy of Science in St Louis awarded him the Innovator Award for his research and translation efforts. He was given one of the highest acknowledgments in his field by being presented with the Annual Award of the American Academy of Neurological Surgery in Berlin, Germany. On a national level, he was named one of the Top Young Innovators by MIT’s magazine Technology Review. In addition to 190 peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Leuthardt has 1,403 patents on file for medical devices and brain-computer interface technologies with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and is a co-inventor of OsteoVantage’s novel spinal instrumentation.